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Architect Agence Moinard Bétaille

Photographer Romain Ricard

Partner Vitrocsa France

Located in the heart of this wine-growing estate, the Les Belles Perdrix restaurant was fully renovated to include an extendible terrace featuring our Turnable Corner.
This system enables full opening to create a seamless link with the exterior.
The main challenge was to meet the static requirements, which led us to develop a specific system in order to absorb movement at the top of the structure.


Azour / Lieu : Beyrouth - Liban / Droits d'utilisation uniquement pour GLASSLINE INDUSTRIES

Architect Nabil Gholam Architects

Photographer Patrice Schreyer

Partner Glassline Industries

The turnable corner system covers an area 16 m wide by 2.5 m high. In the open position, the elements are hidden in a discreet storage area to leave a completely free space.

This project comprises nine panes for a total opening length of almost 16 m, fully freeing up the space.


Palme Couture-3_AAN_2198

Architect Öncüoglu + ACP

Partner Glassline

Palme Couture-6_AAN_2229


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